Principles of Organic and Compost making

Dear All

I have set new dates for Training on my farm.  Two Modules, one after the other.

Please advise if you are interested in joining us for an intensive but very inspiring and uplifting workshop where you learn how Nature works, how everything is connected and works together and unravel the magical natural systems that we were given as a gift with which to work WITH Nature.

If not, or not now, please do send this on to whoever you think may benefit.


I have delegates driving down from KZN for an intensive 4 day workshop. Because they are driving so far we have combined my 2 training courses/workshops for them, BUT they can still be attended individually should you wish to do only one:

1                     Module 1: Principles of Organics and compost making- 2 day workshop 24th and 25th November. Cost R1500

2                     Module 2: Soil Minerals and Mineralisation in detail and understanding how soil, roots and micro-organisms work together to feed the plant; and how to read and understand soil analyses- 2 day workshop 26th and 27th November. Cost R1500

3                     Please note if you have not completed my Module 1, you cannot only join module 2. The information builds on itself and module 2 requires a deep understanding of how the natural systems work before receiving  the technical information containing the various elements, nutrients etc and how they all work together.



DATE: 24th and 25th November 2014.

VENUE: Blue Sky Organics olive farm, Van Wyksdorp, Klein Karoo (Between Barrydale and Ladismith)

CONTACT: LIZ EGLINGTON, 028 5812014 OR email her :



In response to the Global Environmental and Health crisis, there is increasing consumer awareness of the need to source and support ethically grown food that supplies us with the nutrients that our bodies need for basic health and vitality. The media and enlightened medical practitioners have exposed the gross amounts of pesticides and poisons that are used to grow the “food” sold in our supermarkets, and the rampant global health and obesity epidemic is proof that we need to eat differently. Growers and farmers are responding to the increased demand and households are growing their own food. All very positive!

The challenge now facing us is the misinformation and disinformation campaign from the chemical and vested interests in big business, and so there is confusion about what organic really is.

This is an existing and successful workshop which takes place on a certified organic farm which has been farming organically for 16 years, and covers theoretical and practical instruction that is aimed at the following:

1                     Farmers and smallholders

2                     Consumers wanting to grow their own food

3                     Retailers and Health practitioners wanting to understand the constructs of Organic in order to educate themselves and their clients.


The workshop covers the following:

1                     Why Organic. The devastation wreaked on the Planet, humans and animals as we moved AWAY from organic.

2                     In depth study of the structure of HEALTHY soil. Types of soil, PH and what it means, soil minerals and what causes imbalances- and how this affects our health and soil health, understanding the ratios and relationships.

3                     Micro-organisms- what they are, what they do and their essential co-existence in soil with each other and with plants. There is a plethora of books now published that deal just with micro-organisms because we are only now realising their importance. They are the army under and within the soil that we kill with our unsustainable farming and chemical practices.

4                      Roots. How they work, how they take up minerals and nutrients, and their relationships with each other and the micro-organisms that live on them.

5                     Compost- what is it and what it is not. Different types of compost, and how to make them. How to measure them, and use them. Practical compost making.

        6              Worm farming. What is it. How and why it works.


Delegates leave with a full training pack, and access to me via phone and/or internet for follow up advice.



DATE: 26th and 27th November 2014.


The deliverables of this workshop is to have a deep understanding of the many varied yet essential minerals and elements in your soil in order to manage the supply and uptake of nutrition and minerals to your trees and plants, and to maintain a healthy balanced eco system so that your orchards and environment remain healthy and pest/disease free.

To understand the WHY when “things go wrong” in your orchard, garden, farm. This understanding will prevent you from immediately running to the nearest Consultant or Input Supplier to buy whatever they tell you, because that is what they sell. My experiences on my farm have taught me I have spent a fortune on products I did not always need, and on some that did more harm than good. I have come to understand there is an incredible BALANCE in place where everything works together, and things can “go wrong” when just one of them is out of balance. Unless we have a deep understanding of how it all works and fits together we will always be reacting and perhaps causing more imbalances. “Prevention rather than cure” is sound advice, and as farming is already an unbalanced activity, sometimes we need to intervene and re-balance. This workshop aims to give you the knowledge and tools to know how to do both in the best way possible.


The workshop covers the following:

1                     Taking the information from Module 1 on Roots, Micro-organisms, Plant pathology, and understanding it all in a more detailed and deeper way.

2                     We study each Mineral/Nutrient. Why is it necessary, what does it do , what happens when it is missing and how does it work with other nutrients. For both plants and Humans. “We are what we eat”.

3                     There will be a practical element of analysing a Soil Analysis and understanding it. Remedial steps to take.

4                     The steps to take when there is pest or disease. How to discover the cause and find the solutions.

5                     Practical elements where we walk the olive orchards and gardens.



If you are unable or do not feel the need to attend, please do send this along to your network.

The only way we will halt and reverse the environmental and health crisis we live in, is to “go back” to working WITH Nature in every way.  As we “are what we eat” everything starts with the soil from whence comes our food.



Warm regards




Liz Eglington

Blue Sky Organics

028 5812014


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