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Meet Liz Eglington – Blue Sky Organics Owner/Founder

Liz has been at Earth Fair from day one and she is a tireless and dedicated organic farmer. We would like to share her story…

Liz Eglington is the Farmer and owner of Buffelshoek farm in the Klein Karoo which she bought 15 years ago as a dusty and destroyed piece of earth, through over grazing and chemical fertilizing.Liz Eglington

Using organic, permaculture and biodynamic farming practices she planted olive trees and breathed new life into this land. She then witnessed the miracle of nature healing the ecosystems and bringing
vibrant life where there was none. In 2001 the farm became the first certified organic olive and chilli farm in South Africa under the trade name “Blue Sky Organics”, and now has a range of 24 products, the latest being olive leaf tea.

The farm became the catalyst for sharing with hundreds of farmers who went to learn how to farm sustainably and ethically.

Through her experiences and lessons on this farm Liz was drawn to share these experiences in the following ways:

  • Training and workshops:

 Liz has given extensive talks and held workshops on organic farming and sustainable living practices all over South Africa. For Country Life over a period of 6 years, the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch for 3 years, various garden clubs in SA, and many farmers groups. There is an enormous need for information and assistance to farmers, smallholders and consumers to understand the harm that our broad agro-chemical corporate farming practices have had and are having on our eco-systems, the quality of our food and water and the impact on our health and environment.

  • Director: SAOSO (South Africa Organic Sector Organisation). Mission: To establish South African standards for organics. To regulate the industry and all role-players. To promote organic farming in SA and educate the media, retailers and the consumer about the importance of healthy, nutritious and ethically grown food. To assist emerging farmers to get back onto the land, to grow their own food, and to become economically empowered and
    independent. To ensure there are affordable and equitable certification systems on all levels to satisfy local and export needs.
  • Director: PGSSA (Participatory Guarantee System South Africa): Mission:  To establish and provide an alternative and affordable certification system for farmers and producers in SA. Our present formal certification system is very expensive and onerous in resources required and effectively prevents small producers and farming enterprises as well as emerging farmers from participating and benefiting economically. We have succeeded in including the PGS system in the Organic
    Policy document and there are already 6 PGS systems in operation in SA with many more applying.


  • Woman Farmer of the Year (Sept 2005 to Aug 2006)
  • Finalist 2009 Most Influential Woman in Agriculture
  • Finalist 2011 Eco Angel awards

Media exposure:

  • Radio slot with Soli Philander on Cape talk. (4 sessions)
  • SABC TV programme
    slot on “The Power Within”.
  • SABC TV programme
    slot on “Me Time”.
  • Top Billing slot
    • Several articles in
      magazines about Liz and the farm in Farmers Weekly, Landbou Weekblad, Odyssey,
      Simply Green, Longevity, Country Life.

Workshops and Journalism:

  • Past 6 years doing workshops and lectures for Country Life on different aspects of organic and olive farming.
    • Regular contributor
      for Simply Green and Odyssey magazines.
    • Regular workshops for
      different groups of farmers on organic farming and sustainable living.
    • Regular lectures for
      various groups, horticulture institutes, Dept Agriculture and
      organisations on sustainable living, organic farming, nutrition, climate


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